Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah

What is al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah introduce for you ?

Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah: If you are looking forward to learning How to read Quran in Arabic, then I will produce to you the greatest method of learning how to recite the Quran with thawed in the qaides Noortariyah book .

Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah

Qaida Al Noor Aniyah is one of the most useful and easiest ways of teaching beginners if it for ( Kids or Adults) , with this method of teaching you will learn how to read and how to Memorize the Quran the book of God (Alqur’an) in a short time and effort lesser than the other methods of teaching.

When you practice this book you can read the holy Quran by spelling without any difficulty, then you can complete the Quran by looking within 6 months, and the author – may God have mercy on him – collected the light rule of the most useful and easiest means of teaching beginners, young people read and memorize Qur’an, and whoever masters this rules of sons and daughters, even if one of them young and doesn’t exceed five years, he can read the holy Quran without any difficulty or without any mistakes.

Learn Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah

Almost of teachers prefer to teach the Noorani Qaidah to children because it’s important for them.

Qaidah Nooraniah is the concept of mercy in the holy Quran the importance of reading and sealing The noble Qur’an, the best of people are the most useful deeds, How do I learn to read the Noble Qur’an Virtue of reading the holy Quran Surah s .

How to  Learn Arabic by using this book:

Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah book include several lessons that you have learn this lessons .

These lessons learn you :-

  • The Alphapet Arabic (learning Arabic language).
  • Compound letters .
  • The Shapes of the letters when comes at the beginning of the word and middle , end .
  • The Separated letters at the beginning of some suras in the holy Qur’an
  • The vowel letters ( Fatha , Kasrah, damah)
  • The noonation – Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah
  • The sakin letters ( consonant )
  • Mushaded letters ( doubled )
  • Mad letters
  • Leen letters
  • Then the last lesson review on the previous letters.

After you learn this book ( Qaidah Al Nooraniah you will be enjoy of this method of teaching , also Qaida Naooraniah book will guide students to reach the perfect levels in this honorable science .

Who is create this method ?

Some people were Felling that learning Arabic so difficult but after ( sheikh nour Mohamed Haqani ) created this is the greatest method of  the learning of Arabic become so easy .

Shaikh Nour Mohamed Haqani was born in the 19th  century in india , (1272 h & 1856m ) in India his method of teaching so useful to children and adults to reading the holy quran , a lot of people liked shaikh nour Mohamed Haqani’s method Qaida al nooraina helped millions of people since it created in the 19th century , till now.

Qaida Al Noor Aniyah was named relevant to shaikh’s name,

Shaikh nour Mohamed was specialized in hadith science he had lots of excellent school with a department to teach tajweed , he created a lot of scientific curriculum to be tought , he passed away (1343h, 1925m)

After he assigened the school ‘s work to his youngest son( Ahmed Hassan ibn nour Mohamed Al haqani ) (may Allah  grant him janatul firdwas Ameen)

Al-Qaida Al Noor Aniyah teach you tajweed rules

Qaida  Al Nooraniah is of the best useful and easiest way of teaching if you learn Qaida Al Nooraniah book you will find 95 % of tajweed rules and this method will help you to correct your mistakes of the articulation  paints of the letters ( makhrij Ahhroof )

Qaida Al Nooraniah has 95% of tajweed rules for example

  • the heavy letters and the light letters
  • The articulation point of the letters
  • Qalqlala
  • The characteristic of the letters
  • How we pronounce hamzatul wasel
  • Letters of madd and leen letters of lengthening and softness
  • Noon saakinah rules
  • Meem Saakinah rules
  • The natural madd .
  • The lesser connecting length long
  • The substitute lengthening
  • The exchange lengthening
  • The Required joined lengthening
  • The Greater connective lengthening
  • The presented sukoon lengthening
  • Types of the compulsory lengthening
  • The compulsory heavy lengthening in a word
  • The compulsory light lengthening in a word

So Qaida Nooraniah is the greatest method of learning how to recite the Qur’an with tajweed.

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