Aqeedah “Islamic faith”


Aqeedah “Islamic faith”

First off and before we dive the course description, we have to know the meaning of the word Aqeedah. The word refers to the Islamic faith of monotheism. It refers to the beliefs of a Muslim. Without Aqeedah you are just a Muslim by name. A Muslim has got to strengthen his relation with Allah by knowing him as he described himself. Islam is more than prayers to establish, days to fast or rites to perform! In many places of the Qur’an Allah -glory be to him- drives us to consider and think over his signs, his creation and how Islam is the right religion. It was faith that strengthened Allah’s prophets and pious Muslims to stand strong to the disbelievers of Allah and resist their attacks.
So, as you see, Allah did not order us to worship him blindly without strong faith.

Prophet Muhammad (BUH) said ” Strong Muslim is better and closer to Allah than week Muslim”

What will you learn from this course?

This is a very intensified course illustrates the true creed of Sunni Muslims, on the shoes of prophet Muhammad PUH and his companions without any deviation. The main goal is to strengthen your faith in Allah and to be pretty sure of Islam as the right religion.

1-Why should you adopt Islam and how do you know it’s the right religion under the light of science and other proofs.

1-Belief in Allah.

2-Belief in the Angels of Allah.

3-Belief in the heavenly books of Allah.

4-Belief in the messengers of Allah.
5-Belief in the Last Day.

6-Belief in the destiny of Allah.

7- The most beautiful names of Allah.

8- The afterlife.

9- The Day of Judgement.

10- Others.

This course needs no prior knowledge but strong will to learn!