Colloquial Arabic

Colloquial Arabic

Unlike standard Arabic, you can use informal or slang language in casual occasions. Standard Arabic is very prestigious but when it’s used in the right occasions. The course is aimed at introducing learners to the different aspects of language: speaking, listening and writing

Did you travel to a foreign country and your kids need to brush up their colloquial Arabic?

Undoubtedly this course is the best choice for you. Nowadays with globalization we witness many Arab people migrate to foreign countries, and the outcome is having a new generation unable to speak with their mother tongue. It is not only about speaking some language but it’s far deeper; it is about an identity to preserve and a culture to maintain!

What do you need to start in this course?

1-You need some perseverance.

2- Notebook.

3- And calm room during the class time.

What will you learn from this course?

The main goal of the course is to help you master the three aspects of language: speaking, listening and writing. Our approach in the Arabic classes is to speak purely in Arabic with the intermediate and advanced levels and as much as possible with beginners, including both sides; the teacher and learner.

Worth mentioning that we also adopt scaffolding and deep learning processes in our Arabic classes.