Foundation Course


Foundation Course

This course aims at starting with you from the scratch up to thorough robust reading. It’s the first step to confidence and security.

You learn the basics like Arabic letters, short and long vowels, Shaddah, Sukoon, Tanween and so much more

What will you get from this course?

After the reading evaluation test, the teacher shall be aware of the level of the student, and this is highly significant, because accordingly the teacher will define which curriculum will work for the students whether it’s Noorani Kaedah, Noor Al-bayan, Fath Al-rahman or others. There are so many curricula truth be told and we try to be very prudent about selecting the optimum curriculum, but based on our long experience, Noorani Kaedah is the best in most of the cases. And now

let’s have a look at what it discusses:

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1- Arabic letters and how they look separately.

2- Letter positions.

3- Short vowels.

4- Long vowels.

5- Elongation.

6- Sukoon.

7- Stressed and non-stressed sounds.

8- Laam shamsyah and lam kamaryah, silent and pronounced laam.

9- Others.

10- Final exam through reading in the Mushaf.

After this course you will be tested to make sure that you can read in an acceptable way; if it so will move on to the next step which is Tajweed along with practical reading.