Our Teachers

You should trust our teachers because:

we meticulously selected them from among dozens or maybe hundreds!

They all recived very intensified proper training.

They are highly qualified in aspects of language and Islamic knowledge.

They are well-trained on the Intercativ teaching methods such as wordwall, Memoriz and Kahoot.

Above all, we provide a competitive hothouse for our teachers where each one tries their best to prove they are the best! We regularly choose the best teacher of the month and give him a reward.

Tutor Esraa Fouad 

Graduated from the Faculty of Languages&Simultaneous Interpretation at Al-Azhar University. Qur’anic, Arabic, and Islamic studies teacher for foreigners since 2020. She is hafez(memorizing) the holy Quran. She had the TESOL certification.

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U. Youssouf Achraf.

He is a native Arabic speaker who has memorized the Holy Quran since he was 17.He has With just over 3 years of experience,He continued to develop his skills in recitation and tajweed and he holds (ijazah) from the the highest -sand- in the world of Al_Emam Asiem narration.He has been teaching Quran, Tajweed, and Islamic for the last three years.
He has shown exceptional success in dealing with students of different ages by applying different teaching methods, wonderful class management skills, and effective communication techniques.he is passionate about teaching the Holy Quran and Tajweed to non-Arabic speakers.And also He is great with children and younger students and never fails to create a special bond with them.


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Teacher Amina Azzouz

She is a bachelor degree holder She is a multilingual speaking teacher .
She has been entitled many ijaazah(certificates) in reading and teaching the Holy Quran She is about to complete the ten Qura’an qiraat She has students from many countries around the world
She is experienced in teaching English and French speakers .
She teaches Tajweed rules, and Islamic Creed in English and French languages , as well as tilaawa correction for Arabic, English and French speakers Teacher Amina is a new company affiliate to our academy , but she already had excellent reviews and ratings from her students .

Ebtesam mamdouh elmahallawy .

She has graduated from the higher institute of computer engineering .
She has ejazah with a (high) sanad connected to the prophet peace be upon him rewayat hafs from Asem .
She has ejazah in teaching al Nooraniyah rules in English and teaching (certificated) in teaching noor Albany
she has also Ijazah to teach tajweed in English. Alhamdu lillah.
She (is certificated) in learning the three parts of the book of Tajweed for kareema and Ranya Habib And She has ijazh for explaining book of Tajweed rules compiled by Rania Habib.
She has started teaching Quran a along time go . And she is able to teach all ages .
She has 6 years experience.

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Aya mohamed gomaa

She is aHafidh with Ijaza of Asem Narration Ibn katheer qiraa
Soosi narration Warsh narration The whe 10 qiraat
Certified in TuhfatulAtFaal , she has 5 years experience in teaching Qur’an, tajweed , language Arabic and Islamic studies , she joined the Qur’an for hearts Academy this year.

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Nahed Mustafa Gawish

She is a Hafidh with Ijaza of Asem Narration since 2012 for , she has a 6 years experience, she has proven her self over and over again as a strong teacher who is able to teach Qur’an, tajweed Quranic Arabic, language Arabic and Islamic studies effectively, she joined the Qur’an for hearts academy this year ,and has become a valuable asset!.