Prophet Stories

How Jesus Appears in the Qur’an

Prophet Stories

Knowing the prophet stories highlights the universal message of Allah to mankind. Prophets were the elite of humanity and the best of all times, knowing their life stories, their characteristics and many particularities of their life can inspire us. Prophet were not imaginary fancy characters but they were incredibly good and inspiring; they were the elite of Allah!

Why should we know prophet stories?

1-To instill the universal message of Allah in our hearts.

2- We didn’t live to see them but Qur’an tells us about different eras and different messages of very ancient times but Qur’an makes the stories crystal clear especially we had them blurred by history books.

3- Having their stories in the Qur’an is a clear proof that Qur’an is the word of God.
4- Prophet stories are moral stories and they can be perfectly a very good means to inspire and teach generations especially the young ones.

What will I learn from this course?

We will be delighted to teach you many stories such us:

1- Prophet Adam.
2- Prophet Saleh.
3-Prophet Ibrahim.
4- Prophet Ismael.
5- Prophet Lut.
6-Prophet Job.
7-prophet Yousuf “Joseph”.
8-Prophet Musa “Moses”.
9-Prophet Dawood.
10-Prophet Sulman.
11-Prophet Isa “Jesus”.
13- Quiz after each story.