Standard Arabic.

Standard Arabic.

Before I give you the course description, I want to show you why Arabic language is that important through some statistics and some considerations
1- Standard Arabic is the official language of 25 countries and it is spoken language of 250 million native speakers.
2- It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese and Russian. So, if you would like to start a universal business especially in an Arab country you have to learn standard Arabic.
3- It’s the language of Qur’an, the first constitution of 1.5 billion followers worldwide.
4-Classical Arabic is the spoken language of the media broadcast of the modern world.
5- If you would like to travel to any Arab country or be in touch with any Arab people, you ought to learn Standard Arabic because it is the line that connects all Arabs regardless their accents or dialects.
There are many colloquial Arabic accents, nonetheless, there is only one understandable accent; it is standard Arabic.

What will you need to start this course?

If you are a starter, you will start with an introductory course aims at teaching you how to read and write. And you shall also have a general background about standard Arabic, its origins, history, its speaking countries and a general background. Finally, we can tell you are ready to embark on the journey!
If you are not a starter you have an evaluation test to assess your level, and then put you in the right fit!
What are the curricula QURAAN FOR HEARTS uses?
We use so many different curricula to live up to the needs of the students, for example we

use series such as:

1-Madinah Arabic.

2-Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadyk “Arabic is between your hands”

3-Al asas “the foundation”

3-Teach me Arabic.

4-Kunooz “Treasures”

5-I like Arabic language

And there is no such one series suits every one! Each series aims at a specific age and stage. In our course we deliberate to highlight new vocabularies to let you build a good dictionary of words and able to speak and be expressive in the different situations. With us, you will speak standard Arabic fearlessly and confidently!

What will you learn from this course?

Any level of this course introduces you to the three skills of language; listening, speaking and writing. We also give a special care of Arabic grammar.

We keep involving learners in interactive and live chats with other learners to brush up their language. Teachers also keep pushing them to speak Arabic fearlessly.

A learner wouldn’t move on to the next level before passing the after-level course exam. If you pass it, only then you be introduced to the next level.

We will be more than happy to receive your inquiries to help you.