Qur'an Reading Course

What an honor to read the whole holy Qur’an! would you like to get such a pleasure? If it is so, then this course targets you.

Would you like to adjust your recitation, your intonation, your pauses and achieve proficiency? If it is so, then this course is meant for you!
You shall recite and the teacher shall listen carefully to instruct you; if he detects any mistakes he will highlight them, recite it by himself the right way, give further explanation to the rule if you are not aware of it and finally you shall try to say it by yourself.

What will you learn from this course?

1-You shall read the whole holy Qur’an applying Tajweed rules

2- You will go up with your level to excellence

3- You will be familiar with all Tajweed rules and big details to small.

4- You will receive a certificate from QURAAN FOR HEARTS institute that you read the whole book with Tajweed rules.

5- You shall pray as an imam if you want.