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Learn how to read, write and speak Arabic fluently, and memorize the Quran easily.

What does Quran for Hearts provide? 
Quran for Hearts provides a large scale of courses by qualified teachers who specialized in teaching the Quran, Islamic studies, and the Arabic language that suits kids and adults..

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Arabic language is taught in shaa Allah intensively or as a plus .Quranic Arabic is for those who are in advanced levels.

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Our students are so satisfied

we have interactive power point educational games to teach all students in an exciting way.

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about us ?

We are an online Quran and Arabic Academy that offers large-scale Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic studies courses including Noor Al-bayan course, Noorani Qaida course, Quran recitation with Tajweed course, Ijazah course, Arabic language reading, writing, speaking& grammar course, Egyption dialect course, as well as a complete Islamic studies course…

As a specialized academy in learning Quran, we aim to build a generation who will be aware of his religious methods, and affected by the behaviors of his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during his life.

With our qualified teachers who are graduated from Al-Azhar University, doing their best to offer a religious stable environment, you will learn the holy Quran with its meaning easily, as they use the simple technological ways that enable teachers and learners to walk side by side with the modern technology which is so easy in learning the holy Quran, studying its meaning, and Islamic studies.


Quran Courses

Feeling energetic, happy, peaceful, and close to Allah and have inner peace after reading Surah in the right Arabic rules…

Arabic Courses

Arabic plays a fundamental role in a Muslim community because it was chosen by Allah, and the Quran scripture is written entirely in Arabic. So learning Arabic will help you to be closer to Allah and understand the holy Quran…Start now

learning Arabic language
islamic holy book on wooden table. creative photo.

islamic Courses

Learning Islamic Studies allows students to attain fundamental and solid Islamic knowledge that helps Muslims to obey Allah, and develop the ability to express the knowledge they have gained, which is a very important part of their growth….

Certified teachers from Al Azhar University and Arabic Language & Islamic studies College who specialize in Arabic Language and Islamic studies we have the best live teachers for kids ,males and females, they are from Egypt highly experienced native Arabic instructors

The virtue of praying on time

The virtue of praying on time

The virtue of praying on time. Prayer has a great virtue; It is the second pillar of Islam after the two testimonies, and it is one of the greatest rituals of the religion, especially prayer on time, according to what Abdullah bin Masoud – may God be pleased with him – narrated that he asked …

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